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So I am still on tour with my album busker rhyme
I opening up WoodFest in Irchester England August 9 2014.

As well as making an entry at a show case in Liverpool at ’ The Lomax’ September 26 2014

here i am spotted busking just out side of London on my famous cigar box guitar

Life is sweet it’s great that the music is now getting out there

Apart from it all that’s the rap to be honest.. oh yeah I got my guitar tattooed on my arm

Chris Browne BrowneProject


You probably think you can’t change the world you sure as hell can be part of the army of positivity to help make it a better place
i believe & know that we can all do it
Only ignorance will stop us

Chris Browne BrowneProject

Busker Rhyme Album Out Now Global - 5 star rated in Canada 
grab yours here don’t miss out



I like to hit it up with my main MaryJayne & write up some records just like this one.
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Yo all i am arriving back with the Style with a single from my new album Busker Rhyme Check in at for an exclusive free download of Dear MaryJayne

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Never Give Up

This month has been a success from gigging to my latest album going 5 star rated in Canada, Cd baby & Google Music Topping the unsigned charts on ReverbNation at number 1 along with the arrival of a new Youtube video that is going through the roof with a mass following for 31 thousand world wide.
Big thank’s to all who support Chris Browne BrowneProject
Love you always
moral of the story #nevergiveup